Omega Aerial Refueling

Omega is the global leader in commercial in-flight refueling services, completing more than 5,000 missions and delivering more fuel than any other carrier in the world. Their customers include the US Armed Forces and American allies around the world.

Our Task

Navigating a turbulent UX

Omega’s 10-year-old website had been used primarily as an information point with little functionality for services and prospects. In addition to a refreshed design system, the website required a new information hierarchy that made clear to site visitors who Omega was, the services they offered and allowed clients to use an online service request component that was simple and easy-to-use.

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Architectural Overhaul

We reorganized the website around three simple, business defining categories:

  • What We Do

  • Who We Are

  • How it Works.

By instituting a logical flow of information, site visitors could easily navigate through Omega’s capabilities, pre-mission information, and an all-new online service request function.

Oar 4

We have lift off

With restructured site information, streamlined navigation, a new CMS platform to easily share the latest news and information, and a simple online service request form, Omega’s website usability and conversion rates improved dramatically, and launched the company even further ahead of the competition.

So many case studies, so little time…