Marketwired made its name as a leading innovator in news and content dissemination in the wire distribution industry. They were the first to the market with online press release distribution, embedding video within press releases, and social media distribution of press releases. Innovation was always at the core of their business.

Our Task

Rebranding a market leader

In 2010 Marketwire acquired a social monitoring and analytics company, dramatically expanding their capabilities and making “wire” services appear old-school. The company needed to update its brand identity to encompass the new offerings and speak to the broader base of new customers they could serve.

A letter can make all the difference

We developed a new brand positioning and changed the brand name to Marketwired. Adding the “d” at the end of the name implies not just a wire service but a company that’s connected, powered up, and plugged in-to what’s happening in the market. This allowed the brand to maintain its hard-earned equity while connoting that they were more than the “wire service” of the past.

An influential look and feel

Along with the name change, we created a new logo and tagline, “The Power of Influence,” to capture the company’s vision of itself as a force that shapes the market and drives client success.

Wired for the future

We brought Marketwired’s new brand identity to life with a transformative internal and external brand launch program including: Web development, video production, content marketing, and strategic recommendations for lead generation and audience targeting & segmentation.

The new brand helped fuel Marketwired’s incredible success.
In 2016, the company was acquired by Nasdaq.

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This isn’t the only challenge we’ve conquered…