Hughes is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services and solutions. Their ever-growing range of solutions and applications are used by consumers, governments and major enterprise customers globally in virtually every vertical sector, including many of the Fortune 100.

Our Task

Create a unified, consistent online experience across business units and customer segments...

Starting at
square one

We kicked off our process by creating an identity system based on the square in the original Hughes wordmark.

This square – representing a data bit – served as a graphic device to unify the Web site and collateral materials.

Know thy why

We created a new information architecture for the Hughes Web presence based not on business silos but on customer needs and expectations.

The user experience is built around helping customers easily find and navigate Products and Solutions.

A true navigation

With Hughes' vast size and range of complex products and services, making the site easy to browse – as well as responsive and mobile-friendly – was a top priority.

The site's "macro to micro" navigation makes it simple to explore by solution, by sector, by industry, or by business challenge.

No site is
an island

We built the new Hughes site over a powerful custom digital marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with campaign management tools, sales support systems, SMS gateways, and call centers.

The site's modern Web application framework allows Hughes to continually release new features and functionality. The framework is deployed on a distributed cloud-based hosting infrastructure that scales to accommodate new demands.

This isn’t the only challenge we’ve conquered…