The Strategic Advantage of Hiring Veterans

Equipped to Play a Key Role



John Mustin


Many arguments in favor of hiring veterans hinge on it being the right thing to do. But we know it's equally important to consider how hiring veterans is right for your business. What strategic advantage do veterans bring to you as an employer? Why are veterans not only as good as other hires, but in many aspects better? And how has the changing nature of the work force, and hiring practices, naturally lent itself to capturing veteran employees Given the number of veterans who occupy the highest executive levels in the civilian workforce, it may well be that veterans have always outperformed their counterparts in the business sector. However, the need to create new kinds of strategic advantage both today and tomorrow is now making the hiring of veterans an even more compelling necessity for companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

Why? Because the way the world works—how we are compensated, motivated, trained, organized, and managed—will soon be unrecognizable when viewed through the lens of today’s best practices. These changes are already playing out at a rapidly accelerating pace in the sharing economy. And veterans are equipped to play a key role in creating the kind of corporate culture that thrives under constant change. Their training, attitudes, skills, motivations, and character uniquely suit them for building and leading teams to accomplish critical goals that drive businesses forward.

While there are always companies that hope tomorrow looks like yesterday, most have hadto face the reality that the future is at risk if they aren’t prepared to adapt. In fact, when CEOs are asked to identify their top strategic priorities, the vast majority answers: innovation. Despite the overwhelmingly consistent recognition of this priority, only 25% of executives say their company is good at innovation.

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